Invite an Elf to Stay

Every year when our elves have finished their work at the North Pole Father Christmas encourages them to go and spend December with a lovely family just like yours! All that they need to come and stay is help with the cost of travelling to get to you (Father Christmas gives them a free lift home in his sleigh!)

Each elf arrives snugly tucked in their own sack (it's cold travelling through the snow!) with a letter from Father Christmas to your child tucked safely in there with them. Their sack doubles as a rucksack for your child making it easy for them to carry their special friend around with them so they can share lots of special adventures together and create many magical Christmas memories. They may even choose to leave it behind for your child to use throughout the year so that they can be reminded of their special elf friend until they return next December!

Please contact us if you live outside of the UK before inviting an elf to stay so that we can help your elf get to you in time for December!

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