The Elf Company Elf Boy To Sit On A Shelf SALE!

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Each of our elves comes with their own sack which doubles as a rucksack for your child so they can carry their new elf friend around on all of their adventures with them. Inside the sack there is a letter from Father Christmas thanking your child for taking care of his elf and inside the tag there is a rhyme that explains the Christmas elf tradition to your child.
Our elves have beans in their bottoms to help them to sit up and they have a hidden piece of Velcro under one sleeve to help with all of their elf mischief!
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Product Description

Once a year, when our work is done,

We elves like to visit you and have some fun.


On the 1st December we arrive to play

and stay until early on Christmas day.


Brining lots of fun and elf mischief too.

We like the play games and tricks on you!


We report back to Father Christmas every night

But are always back before it turns light.


On Christmas Even when Father Christmas is here

We go back on his sleigh until next year…


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