What is the elf tradition?

The tradition of Father Christmas’s elves visiting children in December has been around for generations in Scandinavia and many parts of America. The Elf Company is delighted to be bringing this magical tradition to the UK.
On the 1st December the elf magically arrives at your home ready to begin his stay with you. Every night he reports back to Father Christmas on the behaviour of the children in the house to help him decide if they should be on the naughty or the nice list.
Elves are very mischievous, particularly at night time. They get up to all sorts of elf antics whilst everyone is asleep.

What are elf antics?

Our elves are very cheeky and they like to get up to mischief whenever they think they are not being watched (with a little bit of help from a kind family member!).
There are lots of examples of the sorts of things they get up to on our elf antics page. We always love to see what our elves have been getting up to so please do send in pictures of what your cheeky elves have been doing so we can add them to our gallery.
Thanks to some helpful pieces of velcro on their arms they are able to hang from most places and they are excellent climbers.
The highlight of the day for many of the children who have our elves to stay is finding out where they have gone in the house in the morning and discovering what mischief they got up to at night!

What are your P&P charges?

The £24.99 you pay is the cost of your elf’s travel expenses to reach you. There is no extra charge from us.

How long will it take for my elf to arrive?

The first part of your elf’s journey is made by catching lifts from passing reindeer and using the magic elf dust that Father Christmas gives them to fly over the sea. The last part they complete with help from Royal Mail. We do our best to ensure that they set off in plenty of time to reach you within a week but advise you to invite them to stay early to ensure they arrive by the 1st December.

I’ve only just heard of you and it’s December already, am I too late?!

Don’t worry we keep sending out our elves until they all have lovely homes to spend December (or what’s left of it) in. Last year some ingenious parents explained their elf’s lateness as being the result of a large snowdrift that she had to make her way through. Their children made sure that they made her a big cup of hot chocolate when she arrived to warm her up!