Why hello there! It’s very nice to meet you! My name is Ginger Jinglesleigh, but everyone just calls me Gigi. I’m a Christmas elf from the North Pole, one of Father Christmas’s many helpers who spend the whole year round making presents and toys for all the good little girls and boys around the world. As you would expect, I love everything about Christmas, from decorating the tree to singing Christmas carols – and especially eating mince pies! Though of course, what I love most about Christmas is bringing joy to all the lovely children in the world.

That’s enough information about me, because telling you about myself is not why I’m here; Father Christmas himself has actually asked me to tell you some very important, super secret information about what we Christmas elves do every December! You see, we spend all year long making Christmas toys, but by the beginning of December they are all finished and ready to be packed in the sleigh – so we have nothing else to do for the whole month! Since Father Christmas knows that we elves love to keep busy and help spread festive cheer even after we’ve finished making all the Christmas toys, a long time ago he came up with a plan for us to spend December visiting the nice children who will eventually own our toys.

I think the best way to explain what is now an annual elf tradition would be to tell you my story own of what I did last year…

I had just finished assembling my very last bike for the year when another of Santa’s helpers came to tell me that I had been assigned my family for December. A lovely family from Surrey in England had decided to invite an elf to stay, and I had been chosen as the lucky elf! Excited as could be, I rushed off to get my travelling sack, and reported straight to the travel centre to start my journey.

Hours later, tucked inside my cosy red sack and clutching a letter for the children from Santa, I couldn’t help but imagine my wonderful new friends. Of course, when I arrived, it turned out that they were even better than I imagined! All through December we had such fun adventures together, going to school, playing sports, helping with the Christmas preparations, and so much more. Though I may have looked like a normal elf doll during all these daytime activities, once my family was asleep every night, I got to have even more fun!

First I would hurry back to the North Pole report to Father Christmas, telling him all about how the children had behaved that day, and after that I would rush home to have some more fun of my own! I got up to such mischief, playing games with the other toys, moving things around the house, and even pulling pranks on the grown ups! On Christmas Eve though, it was time for me to return to the North Pole. After one last hug from the children, Santa picked me up and we came back to the workshop to start getting ready for the next Christmas. I wasn’t too sad though; because I knew that next year I would be back with my family again!

So I think that’s everything you need to know about elf toys and our Christmas activities! If you would like to invite your own elf (or elves!) to stay with you for the festive season, or have any more questions about us, you can always contact The Elf Company, who help us to find homes for December and spread our magical Christmas tradition all over the world.