Welcome to The Elf Company

Bringing a magical Christmas tradition to the UK

Once a year, when our work is done,
We elves like to visit you and have some fun
On the 1st December we arrive to play and stay until early on Christmas day
Bringing lots of fun and elf mischief too
We like to play games and tricks on you!
We report back to Father Christmas every night
But are always back before it turns light
On Christmas Eve when Father Christmas is here
we go back on his sleigh until next year…..

Every year when Father Christmas’s elves have finished their work in the North Pole making toys for all the boys and girls they like to come and visit families like yours! On the 1st December they arrive and then stay and play until Christmas Eve when Father Christmas takes them back home on his sleigh!

They are very cheeky so often get into lots of mischief when they think no-one is looking. Father Christmas has uploaded some of his favourite elves causing mischief onto our gallery!

Every night they report back to Father Christmas on the behaviour of the children of the house so he can decide whether they should be on the naughty or nice list.

He also likes to hear about his elve’s behaviour too so under our downloads tab there is a free downloadable behaviour chart/diary that your child can fill in to keep a record of how their elf has behaved during their stay. Father Christmas loves to read these on Christmas Eve, sometimes he even leaves a little note to say thank you for looking after his elf so well in the back.